Rebel has arrived!

March 24, 2014

Better than the moment when we opened our first Mötley Crüe album is when we got to tear apart the packaging of our own CD that we worked so hard to put together. After four years of an essential hiatus, we are pleased that our sophomore album has arrived. 11 tracks of music that we know will engrain itself in your belly forever. Sherry Stephens did a mind-blowing job with the artwork and Discmakers proved to be the only real choice to get a pressed album done the right way. The band is extremely pleased that their music gets to see the light of day and be served up at the level of a National recording artist. The official release date is April 6, 2014. However, megafans can enjoy a Dirty Skirty shirt, album, sticker bundle over at eBay now. Thanks everyone from the rock underground for your undying support. Raise your fist motherfuckers... We raise our glass to you... THANK YOU!



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