Dirty Skirty playing in Jensen Beach, radio promo, unplugged gig.

August 14, 2014
This weekend will be a busy one for the band DIRTY SKIRTY. The revamped version that has given you the hits Dirty Angel, Ride, and Devil Dancer is finally traveling out of their Palm Beach radius and playing a showcase gig in Jensen Beach, FL. They will be supported by Outlaw Tendencies and Mikey Cunningham. For all of you that have been to a SKIRTY you know the band has pretty much played a nine to eleven song set since it's inception. Friday, August 15 the band will be doing 16 songs. Aside from their rendition of AC/DC's Girls Got Rhythm they are all originals. The show is at Stix billiards and is sure to be a packed crowd as the venue has been doing heavy radio promotion for the show.

Sunday singer Luke Stephens will be a guest of the Rockenstein Metal Show where they will be chatting about the history of the band and give some in depth perspective on the current state of music. You can view the show live by visiting THIS LINK HERE!

Later that night Stephens is playing at Propaganda in Lake Worth for their acoustic showcase. Some select DIRTY SKIRTY songs will be part of his set and good friend Ben Wilson will be playing that night as well.

Stay tuned and keeping following the band here and of course their ever popular DIRTY SKIRTY FACEBOOK.