An evening of Rock with DIRTY SKIRTY

PGA ARTS LIVE , 4076 PGA BLVD, PalmBeach Gardens, FL

Come join us for a very special evening of our best of set with a few treats. We look forward to playing this very nice venue and giving you the rock n’ roll you crave. 🤘

“One of the most exciting new bands I’ve heard since The Last Vegas. Take equal amounts of Aerosmith, Buckcherry and Tesla and you will have the winning formula for Dirty Skirty‘s sound.

These young upstarts are both humble and honest, both with their attitude and music. In the liner notes the band states, “we think that individually we are average at best, but together we have created something extra special”. Calling Long Live Rock N’ Roll ‘extra special’ may even be an understatement as this disc rocks.”