Dirty Skirty album getting set for album release parties/promo

January 21, 2014

The band is at the edge of their seats looking forward to their die-hard fans to get their lovely paws on the new album. Eleven tracks of balls to the wall, blue jean, sweaty rock n' roll merely awaits artwork to be tweaked. The album will not be made available for "pre-order." Those who attend album release parties in the markets in which they take place will receive a promotional copy of the album and mailed a physical copy for arrival on April 6, which Is the official release date of Rebel.  

The band's often controversial leader insisted on giving his opinion about some recent changes in how bans put out music. Says Dirty Skirty singer Luke Stephens, "a lot of musicians out there who can easily fund the recording and pressing of their music on their own amongst the band members are using websites like Kickstarter to pay for their new album. I can understand some youngster kids who are getting help from their fans is cool and I'm all for it. However, if you are an adult and you can't make the sacrifices and commitment to get your music out without your fans fronting you the cash then perhaps you should access your spending habits. Music fans deserve for you to do the work on your end and be rewarded for giving you their hard earned money."

The band, who released their debut album Long Live Rock  N' Roll in 2010 will not tour for this release but plans to play several spot shows per year.

-Jack Snyder

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