Dirty Skirty mixing and creating.

 December 18, 2012

Dirty Skirty still has some mixing to do for their first 6 tunes of the upcoming album. With song titles such as "Dr. Dirty" and "Candyland" the band is right on track to keep up with the sleaze strut of its first outing. "While the first album is pretty much a soundtrack to me burning through my 20s with no true consideration for consequence this one is gonna be a celebration of those times along with a salute to why there isn't much wrong with living like a Rockstar if that's who you are inside" says singer Luke Stephens.  The writing has picked up for the final 5-7 tracks for the second album as well. Stephens is exclusively handling all the lyrics and music. It is the goal of the band to leave you grinning to the moments within the tracks while at the same time never at any moment losing interest. Filling an album with tunes which just doesn't live up to the DIRTY SKIRTY standard will never be allowed. You can count on the band satisfying your inner Rockstar until your car speakers bleed from the opening number until the very end of the disc.

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