New Single and New Album Title Being Released at

December 23, 2013

Dirty Skirty is  going to debut their first single DEVIL DANCER and the finally decided album title this week at An album which was two years in the making, the band is proud to give you much more than you could possibly ask from a group which remains unsigned and with no tours to financially support their continuance. There are still true rock groups out their keeping the fun going who celebrate the roots of the classic rock sound. Bands like Airborne, Buckcherry, and 78 stand out keeping the old sound, but Dirty Skirty does it against all odds. Like a beaten and bruised warrior, the band treads on in the wake of the departure of their guitar players to keep the butter churning. Genious Stan Martell steps in turning frontman Luke Stephens' bare bones rocker pieces into toe tapping, fist pumping anthems. Shannon Stovall returns for a second round of drumming for the band to lay the foundation in which simplicity sounds thick and tasteful. With Evan Garnell on bass, the now foursome has recorded 11 tracks of sleaze strut that a working man will be proud to play at high decibels on his way home from earning his keep. The new record is smarter, grittier, and more memorable than the band's debut.  Be sure to stay tuned for explosive firepower from Dirty Skirty.