Dirty Skirty picks up the pace. A new single is on the way!

September 16, 2014

2014 has turned out to be a pleasant year of surprises for the boys of Dirty Skirty. The band that essentially sat dormant for a solid 3 years (aside from bi yearly reunion gig) is back in the ring playing rigs and making noise around the South Florida music scene. In April they released their sophomore album, REBEL, to the masses of the world. Thanks to adding iTunes and Spotify to the mix of distributing the albums the band has already outsold their successful LONG LIVE ROCK N' ROLL record.

Shortly after seeing the independent success of Rebel, front-man Luke Stephens knew what had to happen next; a live band. While mainstays Stovall, Stephens, and Garnell had recorded on every song for Dirty Skirty, the geographical location of the 3 limited their live ability. The new members have brought new life and flavor to the band and the reunions have now become a very strong union. Says guitar play Carson Wayne, "the scene here has long awaited a great original rock band and that is why we need to do it. I have been in this scene forever and these songs are flat out better than anything here in a while." Wayne and fellow guitar player Kenny Baker give the band the dueling live guitar sound that Dirty Skirty has always needed to make the most out of their live performances.

While most "local bands" are either playing covers, reggae, or punk DIRTY SKIRTY sticks to their guns and gives rock the right to breath new life. "I'm not in this to fuck around. We are gonna do this big and do this for the long run." -Kenny Baker, guitar. While the band came out of the gates in June swinging playing every bar show they can get their hands on, they are working on a monthly highly promoted venue gig and to open up for Nationals and do festivals. They have found home bars in Connolly's (Royal Palm Beach, FL) and Piper's (Greenacres, FL), but other than those the guys are going to be sticking to solid venues and large scale gigs.

The band will be releasing info on more gigs soon. Stephens is playing a intimate unplugged performance to his beloved Tallhassee, FL on September 19 at Club Atmosphere where he will have a party for the Rebel album. After that gig the band will release more show dates, a new single, and new photos of the band all at DIRTYSKIRTY.COM.