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Dirty Skirty provide details about upcoming third studio album 

March 4, 2021:

Dirty Skirty featuring frontman Luke Stephens and bassist Cezar Pentke are continuing to work on the band’s third studio album, which is tentatively titled Devil. 

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Dirty Skirty frontman reveals having win against ex-Top 10 tennis player Mardy Fish when they were kids 

February 22, 2021:


Many people might not know that Dirty Skirty frontman Luke Stephens works as a teaching tennis professional for a living and was a very good tennis player growing up. Dirty Skirty released the albums Long Live Rock N’ Roll (2010), which landed the #6 spot on Sleaze Roxx’s Top Ten Albums of 2010, and Rebel (2014). Stephens is also not scared to poke fun at himself.

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Lurking in the waters 

July 10, 2017

Hello lads!!! Dirty Skirty is still here for you although we haven't played shows much and updated our sites you can still enjoy us on a daily basis. Just pop in your Rebel or Long Live Rock N' Roll album and it's like we are right there with you. We just did a gig with 4/5 original members in our old watering hole and had an absolute blast doing so. 

Lots and lots of songs are being worked on with some familiar names in the band of old and Carson and ...Timmy are still part of the family as well. We will find the right time before the end of the year to make some noise for you. 

We love you all 


A long awaited updated from Dirty Skirty. 

October 29, 2016

With scattered shows opening for National acts here and there as well as working on new music the band DIRTY SKIRTY is doing what independent blue collared bands do...keeping the train rolling. The past 12 months has seen the band as direct support for Buckcherry and Quiet Riot. They also played for the second year in a row at 80s In The Park 2016 with bands such as Stryper and Queensryche. With guitar player Kenny Baker tied up with his guitar-tech duties for Yngwie Malmsteen the band has replaced him with youngster Christian McClure from the band up and coming group Skar. He is bringing energy and new ideas to the band that will bleed through for their 3rd studio release.

You can already hear one of their new recordings "Ride High" right here on this site. The band has other tunes on tape and is finishing up pre-production on 3 songs as well. "It's a process that as long as we keep moving in the right direction with creating good stuff we are in good shape. I don't settle for anything but the best out of creating new songs. Every lyric has to serve a purpose and every guitar lick has to get the heads bobbing," says front man Luke Stephens. Shows are already added, lookout soon for a spring run up the state of Florida.

Band performs in front of thousands in Cape Coral 

October 16, 2015

DIRTY SKIRTY took an opportunity and they not only took advantage of it, but they took themselves to a level in which they have never achieved. After playing at 80s In The Park along with Autograph, Lita Ford, and Slaughter the band was asked to open for rock n' rollers Quiet Riot. While they are focusing on new material for their 3rd album, the boys could not turn down a chance to play Bike Night in Cape Coral, FL. They blazed through their anthems Ride, Dirty Angel, and Red Light Go with the energy you would expect from a seasoned act who plays arenas. It was during the ballad Spill Your Heart Out Tonight that they slowed it down enough to really pull in the audience prior to the closer of Long Live Rock N' Roll. Be on the lookout for new music and big shows from DIRTY SKIRTY in 2016.

Dirty Skirty rounds out it's lineup! 

The band is pleased to announce that they have found their bass player. West Palm Beach rock mainstay and touring musician Cesar Pentzke has found a home with the band on the bass guitar. Cesar and lead singer Luke Stephens actually were in a short lived high school band together under the name Aftertaste. The lineup of Stephens, Pentzke, guitar players Kenny Baker and Carson Wayne, along with drummer Timmy Vaughn have already played two shows together and look forward to the upcoming big shows. The band plays the weekend of August 28 along with LA Guns, Lita Ford, & Slaughter in Melbourne at Melbourne Auditorium.

Dirty Skirty parts ways with bassist 

April 30, 2015

In an exciting upcoming summer filled with big headlining shows in South Florida and festivals the band has done something they never have....fired a member.  Bassist Jeremy Slusher was an early part of the reincarnation of Dirty Skirty. However, Jeremy refused to make the sacrifices necessary and illustrate the professional attitude necessary to be in a rock band. The band will utilize it's extended family tree of Woody Harvey (Blow It Up) and local player Russ "Screaming Man" (Outlaw Tendencies) while they search for a permanent bassist. The band will not miss a beat and they wish Jeremy the best. Be sure to keep your eyes out for more Dirty Skirty dates in Florida this summer!

Dirty Skirty to perform at 80s in the Park 2015 

Thursday, March 19, 2015

The band has been confirmed along with headliners Lita Ford, Slaughter, and LA Guns to lay the annual festival in downtown Melbourne, FL. The band has been laying low with their gigs while working on new music for their third album. Check out their facebook for the latest updates on this and other local shows.

Take It Or Leave Florida Winter Tour 

Friday November 14, 2014

Dirty Skirty is pleased to announce a run of winter dates in Florida. The band let their foot off the gas a little to work on new material and now they are gearing up for more live shows in extended Florida territory. They will hit up gigs from as far north as Orlando, FL and as far south as Hollywood, FL. Be sure to check out their music at iTunes and on their website. The dates are listed below on the tour poster. Click here for show details!

Dirty Skirty picks up the pace. A new single is on the way! 

September 16, 2014

2014 has turned out to be a pleasant year of surprises for the boys of Dirty Skirty. The band that essentially sat dormant for a solid 3 years (aside from bi yearly reunion gig) is back in the ring playing rigs and making noise around the South Florida music scene. In April they released their sophomore album, REBEL, to the masses of the world. Thanks to adding iTunes and Spotify to the mix of distributing the albums the band has already outsold their successful LONG LIVE ROCK N' ROLL record.

Shortly after seeing the independent success of Rebel, front-man Luke Stephens knew what had to happen next; a live band. While mainstays Stovall, Stephens, and Garnell had recorded on every song for Dirty Skirty, the geographical location of the 3 limited their live ability. The new members have brought new life and flavor to the band and the reunions have now become a very strong union. Says guitar play Carson Wayne, "the scene here has long awaited a great original rock band and that is why we need to do it. I have been in this scene forever and these songs are flat out better than anything here in a while." Wayne and fellow guitar player Kenny Baker give the band the dueling live guitar sound that Dirty Skirty has always needed to make the most out of their live performances.

While most "local bands" are either playing covers, reggae, or punk DIRTY SKIRTY sticks to their guns and gives rock the right to breath new life. "I'm not in this to fuck around. We are gonna do this big and do this for the long run." -Kenny Baker, guitar. While the band came out of the gates in June swinging playing every bar show they can get their hands on, they are working on a monthly highly promoted venue gig and to open up for Nationals and do festivals. They have found home bars in Connolly's (Royal Palm Beach, FL) and Piper's (Greenacres, FL), but other than those the guys are going to be sticking to solid venues and large scale gigs.

The band will be releasing info on more gigs soon. Stephens is playing a intimate unplugged performance to his beloved Tallhassee, FL on September 19 at Club Atmosphere where he will have a party for the Rebel album. After that gig the band will release more show dates, a new single, and new photos of the band all at DIRTYSKIRTY.COM.